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A man has been found guilty of manslaughter in Australia after a one-punch assault that claimed the life of Irishman Thomas Keaney.

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Abbas Al Jrood, 23, was accused of unlawfully ing Mr Keaney, a 23-year-old from Ballyconneely, Co Galway, outside a kebab shop in Perth in December 2013.

Police arrest a <em>man</em> in <em>fatal</em> <em>punch</em> attack outside nhtclub FOX.

Police arrest a man in fatal punch attack outside nhtclub FOX.

The supreme court was told Al Jrood punched Mr Keaney in the back of the head after an argument about a chair.

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Prosecutors alleged Al Jrood snuck up on Mr Keaney who fell backwards and hit his head on the footpath, causing a severe brain injury. Al Jrood said Mr Keaney's death was a "tragic accident", claiming he had only pushed him using a que he had learned as part of his training to become a security officer.

Man single fatal punch:

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